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Which Of These Neuropathy Symptoms Do You Suffer From?

If You Suffer From A Single One Of These Torturous Symptoms – Numbness, Tingling, Or Sharp Nerve Pain – THEN THE FACTS BELOW MAY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT YOU HAVE EVER READ IN YOUR LIFE!

  • • Pins and needles feeling
  • • Numbness in the hands or feet
  • • Tingling or burning sensations
  • • Weakness in the arms or legs
  • • Sharp shooting or burning pains

Neuropathy affects every part of your life -- walking, sitting, and even sleeping.


Maybe you've had multiple tests, only to find out no one has any idea what you have. Maybe you've even been put on a drug with heavy side effects.


My name is Dr. Jason L. Pickel, clinic director. I've been helping people with neuropathy and nerve problems for more than 12 years.


More than 20 million Americans suffer from peripheral neuropathy, a problem caused by damage to the nerves that supply your arms and legs.


This painful condition interferes with your body's ability to transmit messages to your muscles, skin, joints, or internal organs. If ignored or mistreated, neuropathy can lead to irreversible health conditions.


Often neuropathy is caused by chronic health conditions that slowly lead to damage of these smaller, and more fragile, nerves in your feet or hands.  The key is to not just in treating the pain, but in dealing with the cause.


The Single Most Important Solution To Your Neuropathy


By using gentle techniques, methods to deal with inflammation naturally, and the latest in technology, I'm able to give these damaged nerves the optimum healing environment and health-giving stimulation. This allows the nerve to heal and the symptoms to go away.

Numerous studies have proven that nerves do respond to this conservative care...


“Manipulation [chiropractic adjustments], with or without exercise, improved symptoms more than medical care did after both 3 and 12 months.”– British Medical Journal


Patients showed an 85.5% resolution of the nerve symptoms after only 9 chiropractic treatments. - Journal of Chiropractic Medicine 2008


With chiropractic care, patients had “significant improvement in perceived comfort and function, nerve conduction and finger sensation overall.” – JMPT 1998


Significant increase in grip strength and normalization of motor and sensory latencies were noted. Orthopedic tests were negative. Symptoms dissipated.” – JMPT 1994


What these studies mean is that with our care, you could possibly soon be enjoying life...without those aggravating nerve problems.


How To Find Out If This

Will Work For You


If you are serious about dealing with your neuropathy and over-all health picture, then I am willing to consult with you for an initial visit at no charge!


     What does this offer include?  Everything.  Take a look at what you will receive:


·       An in-depth consultation about your health and well-being where I will listen…really listen…to the details of your case.


·       A complete review of your recent lab tests, examinations, and MRI’s/CT scans/X-rays.


·       An initial “special electronic test” to determine the degree of damage to your nerves and find out if you are a candidate for what I do (no needle EMG’s or invasive biopsies).


·       A starting point for mapping out your plan to being pain free.


·       You’ll get to see everything first hand and find out if these amazing treatment technologies and unique techniques will be your pain solution, like it has been for so many other patients.


The appointment will not take long at all. And you won't be sitting in a waiting room all day either.


Here's What To Do Now


If you are serious about trying to change your current health then I am willing to take you by the hand through this process.  Call today 913-381-5958 and we can get you scheduled for your consultation, and special electronic test as soon as there’s an opening.


Our office is located just off of Metcalf at 105th Street, right behind Office Depot.


When you call, tell the receptionist you’d like to come in for the Neuropathy Evaluation so she can get you on the schedule and make sure you receive a detailed information packet.



Dr. Jason L. Pickel, D.C.


P.S. At our office, we have specialized treatment programs for treating patients who suffer from neuropathy.


Why suffer with years of misery?


That’s no way to live, not when there could be an easy solution to your problem


Don't live in pain when we may have the solution you've been looking for all along.


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